Cowork x Artwork

Last week we launched our first art exhibition at Huddle. It was a really special event and we’re delighted to be showcasing art from a range of local artists – adding colour, vitality and local stories to our spaces. I’m no artist myself, but wanted to share a few general thoughts on art in the workplace and specifically at Huddle.

Pictures from our local artist’s launch event last week. We were delighted to welcome local residents, businesses as well as the Mayor Councillor Daryl Brown and Councillor Guy Vincent to Huddle.

Art in office spaces has often taken one of two forms. There’s always been the “status symbol” art. These are grand prestige collections on show in corporate headquarters. The Titian in the Hedgefund’s boardroom, the Richard Long bestride the canteen in SwissRe’s Zurich office – all symbols and trappings of success and standing (real Stratton Oakmont vibes). Then there’s your “corporate artwork”. Pieces designed to imbue corporate values, messages – or even perhaps just the brand colours. You may not consider this art, but it certainly exists. MetLife, for example, used to have endless collections of Snoopy branded sculptures and artwork across their offices.

In new coworking spaces these forms of art no longer feel appropriate. As home to a collective of different, growing companies and freelancers prestige artwork feels out of touch and there’s certainly no singular corporate mascot or even colour for all to rally behind. Unfortunately, what has therefore tended emerged in many shared spaces are decorative and incredibly banal quotes. These statements, pasted in large branded font across blank walls and apparently inspire us to “Do what you love” or some equally condescending call to action which, if anything, is more likely to achieve the opposite.

In Huddle, we wanted to bring art into our spaces in a different way, avoiding the bling or glitz of large corporates and those preachy messages and quotes, which are inexplicably in vogue. We look at art for two complementary purposes. Firstly, as an opportunity to support local artists in the same way we support local businesses – giving them space to be displayed in, events to be shown at and hopefully putting them in front of people who will buy them!

Our workspace showcases local artists including Vivien Reinert, Stuart Dowden, Snezana Price, Chloe Freemantle, Eve Pettitt, Martin Lau, Aneta Ten, Asha Chandragiri, Celia Toler and many more!

Secondly, art adds colour and more importantly tells stories and encourages conversations. In our latest exhibition at Huddle, all the artwork is created by local artists and features relevant points of interests, people and events. Our ambition is to rotate a range of different local artists through our spaces, creating a dynamic visual environment with new stories and talking points for people who work and visit Huddle.

Graphic artist Darren Azgard is based in Hammersmith and his work showcases local landmarks such as Hammersmith Bridge, Hammersmith Station and even 3 Shortlands! (the home of Huddle)

We’re delighted to be working with Flora and the team at H&F ArtsFest on this and will have a number of public viewings over the next few months.

If you are interested in finding out more about our current exhibition or displaying art in Huddle in the future please do get in touch!

Alex Woolf
Founder of Huddle